Dashe & Thomson Welcomes New Director of Client Engagement

Dashe & Thomson is excited to announce the recent addition of Jeremy Vore as Director of Client Engagement. Jeremy brings a background of exceptional experience within the training and development field as a Training and Implementation Manager as well as running RedLeaf Consulting, a change management company. Learn more about Jeremy in the interview below.

Q: Discuss your background a little bit.

I’ve had a wide range of wonderful professional experiences, but they all come back to my love of communication, teaching, and interacting with people. I’ve been fortunate enough to apply those skills in aviation, outdoor recreation, healthcare, and as a business owner. All told, I’ve been making a living as a communicator and teacher since I was 17.

Q: Teenage training professionals aren’t very common! What were you doing?

I started sea kayaking in the Great Lakes when I was about 14 and progressed quickly in the sport. I was really lucky and had some world-class coaches and mentors who taught me the difference between being highly skilled in the physical aspects of the sport, which came very naturally to me, and having the experience, judgement, and leadership to be a true, top-level paddler.

Part of that education included becoming certified as a British Canoe Union Coach and working for one of North America’s premier paddling centers as an instructor and guide. Everything I’ve done since then has been built on the foundation of communication, risk management, decision making, and leadership that came from that experience as a teen.

Q: You also worked as a commercial pilot and flight instructor. What was the most rewarding part of that job?

There were two experiences that were extremely rewarding. One was the opportunity to work with students who were struggling or had plateaued at WMU’s College of Aviation. I had a different background and instructional approach than some of the other staff flight instructors and was able to use that to make flying interesting and exciting again. Most of those students ended up becoming excellent, professional pilots.

I also helped Cirrus Design develop aircraft-specific private and instrument pilot courses for their technologically advanced SR-series airplanes. These are 4 seat, propeller driven airplanes that have avionics and electronic cockpits rivaling wide body jets, so they aren’t the typical small planes with 1960s technology. We saw measurable improvements in the safety and competence of the airplane owners and pilots as a result of the work we did in the Flight Standards Department. That was very exciting!

Q: How did you connect with Dashe & Thomson?

I decided to leave my position as a Training and Implementation Manager at Zotec Partners to start a training and change management company, Redleaf Consulting. During the wind-down of my projects, I contacted and worked with Dashe & Thomson to finish a few training initiatives at Zotec Partners before I left.

Working with the Dashe & Thomson team was a great experience, and, after I was on my own with Redleaf Consulting, we realized that there was an excellent opportunity to work together. As the Director of Client Engagement, I get to do all of the rewarding things that led me to start Redleaf, but with the resources, experience, and expertise of the Dashe & Thomson team. For me, the decision to join their team was an easy one.

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish in your new position?

There are really three parts to what I want to achieve. My selfish goal is to build on and develop the foundation of communication, training, and interaction with people that I’ve enjoyed so far in my professional history.

From the company’s perspective, I’m looking forward to using my experience and knowledge to help our instructional designers, training developers, and other team members create the best product in the most efficient ways possible.

And, for our clients, I want to ensure that we deliver the right tools and content to achieve their specific goals and business outcomes.

If I can hit those targets, I’ll consider my role as the Director of Client Engagement to be successful.

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